Pharmacovigilance Services

Our mission to Pharmacovigilance is the collection of information related to the occurrence of drug risks in patients, the scientific evaluation of the information received and the proposal for measures to ensure a safer and more efficient pharmaceutical market for our patients.

We undertake necessary measures to encourage patients, consumer representative organizations, doctors, pharmacists and other health professionals to report suspected adverse drug effects, treating with confidentiality and proceeding in line with current legislation.

Evaluates any information, judges the possibilities for risk minimization or prevention and undertakes appropriate regulatory action with Marketing Authorization Holder and our competent health authority.

WINPHARMA has a pv system in place that collect and record all adverse reports related to its products in Territory and reporting form is at the heart of our Pharmacovigilance system and the collection of information is based on report received from our patients, medical representatives, our pharmacist clients etc.

For adverse events reporting, please contact our pharmacovigilance department via:
Tel: (+355 682508359; +355 686544008) (24-hour phone line) or e-mail: ra@winpharma.al